Cover of Savatage – All That I Bleed (take 2)

Song: All That I Bleed

Artist: Savatage

Last time, I posted a take 2 of the classic R D Burman song Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi.

Now, it’s a take 2 of a classic metal ballad called All That I Bleed by Savatage.

Take 2

Posting below Take 1 as well as the original track itself:

Take 1
Original Savatage track

Edge of Thorns was the last Savatage album featuring legendary guitarist Criss Olivia who died way too young. As such, the band has melodic sensibilities that can surprise you, coming from a metal band. But it’s still a metal band, end of the day.

On comparing my first stab at recording it more than a year back to the one I recently recorded, I find there is little, if any, improvement in the melodic singing in the first two verses (before the big metal riffs kick in and the song goes off in a different orbit). Maybe I even like the vibrato from back then more and need to emulate that more. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to see that the variation I did this time on the second “until the heart betrays” was the same as back then even though I hadn’t heard it before this recording.

Where the coaching and self-tutoring over the past one year has helped is in the point where the song takes off. In the first take, you can tell my voice is choking up, protesting that it shouldn’t be forced to climb up that high on the second (and higher) “Lord bring on the night”. Even the “Oh” scat between two “And I’ll fly away”s is weak. This time, not only did I not have a problem getting the voice up there but I could produce a lot of power (or so I think!) and the tone sounds a lot darker up there now than back then (which indicates better support).

I still need to get the distortion up to where it is in the original but that’s going to be a longer process.


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