Geet Gaata Hoon Main (cover)

Song: Geet Gaata Hoon Main

Singer: Kishore Kumar

Composer: Shankar Jaikishan

Shankar Jaikishan had only sporadic collaborations with Kishore Kumar. They gave him one of his early hits, the classic Nakhrewali. Songs like Choti Si Yeh Duniya and Hum Matwale Naujawan followed. But in those days, outside the Navketan camp, Kishore only sang in the movies he was acting in. And increasingly, Shankar Jaikishan weren’t scoring those movies, busy as they were with the RK camp as well as Shammi Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar movies (AND some Dev Anand movies too on occasion).

With Mr X In Bombay (Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi) and Hum Sab Ustad Hain (Ajnabee Tum Jaane), Kishore’s profile as a singer began to be raised. The Mahal hit Yeh Duniawale as well as Kehna Hai and Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein on Padosan boosted the momentum.

By the time Kishore happened to work for SJ again on Lal Patthar (and Zindagi Ek Safar on Andaz and a couple of songs on Kal Aaj Kal, all in the same 1970-71 period), his juggernaut was well and truly on a roll with Aradhana.

Soon after, Jaikishan would die and Shankar would fade away into oblivion. As a result, we did not get more collaborations between the composer duo and the legendary singer during the phase when he peaked.

Even so, Geet Gaata Hoon Main is one of his classic songs and it’s easy enough to see why. Interestingly, the song was originally composed for Rafi and Shankar said he made some adjustments to it in order to suit Kishore’s voice. Would have been interesting to hear what the Rafi version of this song would have been like!

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