Lydian Nadhaswaram – Chromatic Grammatic – Review

Will be posting a more detailed ‘text’ review soon. But here is my first video review about an album I really enjoyed and an artist I am super excited about.

Chromatic Grammatic is available on Youtube Music, Spotify and ITunes:

5 Responses to “Lydian Nadhaswaram – Chromatic Grammatic – Review”

  1. Suraj Says:

    Thanks for the post Madan! I completely lost track of this development given the confusion about the release date as you have pointed out.

    I sincerely hope this kid goes places. Its amazing to see how he has internalized a variety of styles and expressed it in so personal a way. I have only heard Spark Plug and Breeze and I am yet to try out the remaining stuff from the album. In the aforementioned two songs I have heard, I see a neat combo of the Chick Corea/Oskar Peterson type Jazz improv in conjunction with prog rock stuff from bands from the Canterbury scene (Camel,Caravan etc.) and a whiff of Indianish carnatic melodies. This is the type of fusion that really interests me unlike the Anoushka Shankar variety that has a sitar and solo violin doing their own thing without making a coherent statement. A majority of the Indo-Western fusion I have heard sounds pretty contrived and extremely gimmicky in my opinion with some great exceptions.

    I am not surprised to see such quality output from Lydian given his early exposure and atomistic view of different genres of music much like Raja who really oozes this quality in abundance. I would also include the great Dan, Joni Mitchell and The Weather Report in this category. In this vast sea of abject mediocrity that has plagued the music industry worldwide for over 20 years, it is slightly reassuring to see some semblance of sanity.


    • Madan Says:

      Thanks for writing in, Suraj. I think you have got it down with the idea of ‘chick corea/oskar peterson meets canterbury’ stuff. To get specific, I felt Cherry was very much like taking an expansive opening like Brubeck’s in Strange Meadow Lark and going into a playful Peterson solo. While Kick Off has those elements but also a tinge of Lyle Mays’ new age work with Metheny. Given that all those pianists are dead, it is heartening that this Indian prodigy could conceivably carry their flag and, yes, offer much needed respite to musophiles in the sea of mediocrity.

      A third track has been uploaded on his channel, Parkour, which is much more hardcore jazz and doesn’t even have the tinge of Carnatic/Hindustani that Spark Plug, Beam Up or Breeze do.

      I am really looking forward to when they will upload Rugged. If it’s indeed harmonica (which is what it sounds like), that would have to be the most incredible harmonica solo I have heard.

  2. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Did not know an album like this even existed. Now I gotta check it out.

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