Raga 2 Rock: Dono Ne Kiya and the cassette age

Continuing on the theme of cassettes, I heard this song in a Rafi compilation we had. I would have been ten the first time I heard it and I had no idea this was supposed to be one of his rarer songs (or at least not one of the usual suspects you come across in best of Rafi lists).

The compilation was ‘unofficial’. At that time, people bought blank tapes and made copies of the official cassette(s) owned by one person in their circle. This led to the music industry publishing messages in newspapers to ‘stop piracy’. Sounds quaint today when streaming has ensured that music revenue essentially amounts to a few pennies for thousands of views.

We had so-called ‘two-in-ones’, clunky but versatile machines which doubled up as cassette player AND tape recorder. If you just wanted to copy all or most of the songs on one side, you used high speed dubbing mode. And you could hear the songs being played as they were recorded…at triple their speed or something. It would be amusing to listen to the voices of these great singers reduced to something like the sound of squeaking mice as the machine did its work.

You can read more such reminiscences about a time that was recent enough that someone of my age can recount it vividly and yet a time that seems so, so different from now…in my book Raga 2 Rock (https://www.amazon.in/Raga-Rock-Mumbai-Musical-Journey/dp/B09WYSNBBZ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3N9W3412IU6GE&keywords=raga+2+rock&qid=1653797715&s=books&sprefix=Raga+2+%2Cstripbooks%2C434&sr=1-1)

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