Raga 2 Rock: The Cassette Age

This is the only cassette cover that has survived relocations and clean-ups. Note, I said cassette cover. No trace of the cassette itself!

We once had a large and wonderful collection of cassettes and, like it was for anybody growing up in the 90s, these cassettes were my introduction to the golden era of Hindi music (actually, ANY music – we also had cassettes of Aashiqui and Baazigar! 😛).

My most cherished items of the collection were a five cassette Rafi set which had such beauties like Jaag Dil-e-Diwana and…a cassette of the multi-Grammy winning Supernatural album of Carlos Santana. It is hard to articulate today, in the age of streaming and abundance, how exotic an item like that was for a family in far flung Kalyan.

If reading this makes you feel nostalgic about your own collection (or, curious about cassettes if you were born after their extinction), you will find a whole chapter dedicated to the cassette experience in my book Raga 2 Rock (https://www.amazon.in/Raga-Rock-Mumbai-Musical-Journey/dp/B09WYSNBBZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=raga+2+rock&qid=1653579032&sprefix=Raga+2+%2Caps%2C246&sr=8-1).

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