Raga 2 Rock: My book on film music

I have previously written articles on film music on this blog. On one such article, I received a suggestion that I should write a book (rather than multiple articles). I have received such a suggestion on Quora as well before.

I don’t know whether the readers in question simply wanted for me to consolidate the articles under one roof. But I thought of undertaking an altogether fresh endeavour instead. I have compiled my thoughts on the great composers of the golden era of Hindi film music …as well as the three titans of Tamil music – MSV, Ilayaraja and Rahman.

It has some of the analysis that those who do visit this blog like. But it also tries to capture my experience of discovering the respective composer’s works. Some anecdotes about the composers (not all but some) have also been reproduced.

There is also, for good measure, a chapter devoted to top 10 albums of each composer. Yup, I have tried to tick all boxes.

And with that prelude, with no further ado, here are the links where you can buy the book:

Notionpress: https://notionpress.com/read/raga-2-rock (free shipping from tomorrow and for two weeks)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09WYSNBBZ

Kindle/e-version is also available.

Oh, and as you can see, this time I have enlisted the services of a professional publisher so that the book is, well, professionally put together.

So do let me know both how the book (as in the writing) was and how the experience of purchasing and using it was.

Happy reading!

UPDATE1: Raga 2 Rock is now available on Flipkart as well as on Amazon.com/co.uk:

6 Responses to “Raga 2 Rock: My book on film music”

  1. Ashok Sharma Says:

    Hay Madan, Unfortunately, I can’t get my hand on your book as I am in the US. Hope that it is released soon on Kindle.Otherwise, Or I will need to wait until my next trip to India perhaps in late May.

    • Madan Says:

      Hi Ashok, thanks so much for your interest in the book.

      It is available in the US in paperback and in fact in kindle too, now:

      Do let me know in case you have any trouble obtaining the Kindle version.

      Where in India would you be? If Mumbai by any chance, would love to meet you!

  2. Ashok Sharma Says:

    Hi Madan, so I finally got my hand on the eBook. Yay! Just read a few pages quickly and I am in. It will take a long time for me to finish it because of time constraints but even if I did have time, I would read it slowly to prolong the joy. Looking forward to your take on RDB, ARR, IR, Khaiyyam, KA, SC and SJ. Not asking for spoilers but I am curious to see the western genres that you have covered – rock, prog, alternative, grunge, heavy metal, jazz, soul.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks and enjoy the read! As for Western genres, it’s a bit of all of those. I don’t think grunge gets a mention because I tried to sort of chronologically touch upon the artists I discovered. But for sure, there’s metal, prog rock, jazz, soul.

  3. Ashok Sharma Says:

    I will definitely meet you on my next trip to Mumbai. Can you share your email id with me. Or send me an email to asharma96 at yahoo s thanks

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