Cover of George Michael’s Careless Whisper

I didn’t plan to but ended up recording this cover on New Year’s Day! Before I write more, do remember to crank up the volume to get the best audio reception.

I am not really an 80s pop guy and George Michael’s music wasn’t my cuppa for the most part. I did and do however admire his phenomenal singing abilities and his prodigal talent as a composer and producer. He wrote this, his most popular song, when he was just 17! And when I say he wrote, he already had the saxophone part in mind! Some people are put on this earth for the sole purpose of entertaining us with their music and he was surely one of them.

I have casually heard this song more often than I care to remember. But it wasn’t really one that was in my bloodstream. So I started to listen it over and over and over. Attempted one take last weekend which I wasn’t pleased with. This one…well, it’s about as good as it’s going to get. Whether it’s any good, you be the judge.

This song is deceptively difficult. It’s not overly demanding in terms of range or virtuosity but to get it all out with the kind of control he has – that sure is tough. And you have to still exude melancholy and pain though the arrangement is groovy and, obviously, dance-oriented.

An era of music in which you could find so much skill even in a song patently made to bag a top 10 hit.

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