Cover of Yesterday (Beatles)

Life since March 2020 has been like living in Groundhog Day. There is a covid wave, govts lock down in panic. Then the wave recedes and things gradually open up which we welcome with palpable relief. Only for another to come by again. And the cycle repeats.

It’s hard not to reflect on what life was like on the other side of the pandemic, when we lived the normal we long for today.

And so…here’s an attempt at Yesterday, one of the most poignant of all Beatles songs (now isn’t that a high bar!).

7 Responses to “Cover of Yesterday (Beatles)”

  1. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Nice rendition! Loved the vibrato.

    Great song selection once again. This was the first Beatles song I ever listened to, and even after hearing others, it still probably makes me feel the most. Lovely song.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks a lot! One of my first Beatles numbers too. It was on a Beatles Greatest Hits cassette my father brought back from one of his trips abroad. It’s one of the few from their ‘early phase’ that I still go back to. Of course, come to think, the Help! album has most of the ‘early Beatles’ I still go back to, like the title track and You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.

  2. Suraj Says:

    Great song choice Madan! Love the warm Chello parts.

    My first tryst with the Beatles was through ‘Michelle which I vividly remember hearing for the first time in 2002 while watching Moondram Pirai of all possibilities LOL! There is a scene where Silk Smitha happens to be hearing this song when walking in the woods. Absolutely amazing how non linear music discoveries can be!

    Here is a new Ilaiyaraaja song I discovered a few weeks back:

    When you feel you have heard most of his great stuff and suddenly something new pops up out of nowhere.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks Suraj! I love the song Michelle too. But I have no recollection of hearing it in Moondram Pirai! Will need to revisit that scene. Will also check out that song you have shared. I am embarrassed to admit it but I only recently heard Manjal Nilavukku (Mudhal Iravu)…or at least heard it properly for the first time.

    • Madan Says:

      This song is lovely, thanks so much for sharing. Gonna save it in Youtube for repeated listens to ‘memorize’ the interludes. He will make me run out of space on the phone for such songs, lol. Years back, when Flipkart’s mp3 service ‘flyte’ was still a thing, I obtained paid, legal downloads of about 100-150 of his most ‘well known’ songs. But as most Raja fans know, that’s grossly inadequate. 😉

  3. Yajiv Says:

    Beautifully done, Madan! Lots of Bhava in your singing.

    This song hits differently in every age period. In my foolish adolescence, I used to relate to it from a teenage angst point of view. In my 20s, it was a breakup song (a ‘soup’ song if you will). But with grey in my hair (and beard), I’m finally seeing it as a memory of loss, of both time and people (through the tint of nostalgia of course).

    Apt in this neverending covid nightmare for sure. Thanks for reminding us of this gem.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks a lot Yajiv! Yes, you got it. It’s actually an amazingly ‘grown up’ song (along with In My Life) considering how young Paul would have been at the time. It can be interpreted as a reflection of nostalgia or upon loss or just a middle aged/old man looking back with regret. I think we all have bucket lists that we never got around to ticking off pre-covid and now we wish things would get ‘normal’ soon so that we could get cracking. Because there is now a sense that all this can be so easily taken away from us.

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