Cover of Raja Raja Cholan

Song: Raja Raja Cholan

Movie: Rettai Vaal Kuruvi

Singer: K J Yesudas

Composer: Ilayaraja

For Ilayaraja fans, this song needs no introduction. For anybody else, I strongly recommend you listen to the original for the karaoke track, decent though it may be, does no justice to the music on the original.

That said, this here is my cover:

And this is the original:

2 Responses to “Cover of Raja Raja Cholan”

  1. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Great singing on this! I do have one question though. In the first phrase isn’t it “enai aalum kadhal desam” instead of “enai azhum kadhal desam”?

    My favorite part of the original is the use of pizzicato in the 2nd interlude. Beautiful stuff. And of course the guitar, but that kinda goes without saying with Raja.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks! And you’re right, it’s aallum, but Yesu takes that big la so close to a zha sound that I heard zha and sang it as aazhum. 😛

      Yeah, lovely interludes, goes without saying. And the use of pizzicato is a classic example of the little things he does, which we may take for granted but which also enhance the song.

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