Shreya Ghoshal live in Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai – 2016 – clips – pt2 to 5

I had initially wanted to ‘roll out’ these clips one per week. But I couldn’t post any at all the week after and couldn’t all of this week either.

So…I just unleashed the rest all at once.

See pt1 for what this is about.

You can view pt 2 here – a performance of Lag Ja Gale, also magical.

pt3 here – a medley of Rafi/Kishore/Mukesh.

pt4 here – her hit solo Yeh Ishq Haaye.

pt5 here – a Marathi song Atach Baya Ka Bavarla.

9 Responses to “Shreya Ghoshal live in Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai – 2016 – clips – pt2 to 5”

  1. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Just watched the performance of Yeh Ishq Hai. If it sounds this great on my phone, I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to hear it live! Lucky you 🙂

    I’ve had a similar moment (almost fanboy ish) when I went to a Raja concert and got to hear Chitra sing Ninnukori Varnam from Agni Natchathiram live. Thirty years after the original recording and she sounded nearly the same.

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks! Yes and remember my recording too is on a phone. It is a decent enough capture but still listening live was just something else. We were all mesmerised for the entire three hours or so show. And she interacts a lot with the audience and makes us sing the chorus with her so even apart from the singing, it’s a lot of fun.

      Wow, you went to a Raja show! Awesome! Do tell me more about that experience. The one disadvantage of living in Mumbai is there is no chance to see Raja shows. He comes to Hyderabad, Bangalore, US, Singapore, Dubai but not Mumbai! 😀 Did you get a glimpse of Saar’s strictness during the show? 😉

      There is this live streaming FB group Rhydhunn which started during the pandemic last year. And somebody in the group knew Chitra so they arranged to have her sing ‘virtual live’ for about half an hour. Absolutely free! She covered many of the classics – from Kehna Hi Kya/Kannalane to Raja stuff like Edhedho Ennam – and, yes, she sounded exactly like the originals, maybe better at times!

      • anonymousviolin20 Says:

        I’ve always wanted to do a write in for BR’s blog, and now I think I know what I can write about.

        But the more interesting bits of my experience:

        There was a mic problem at the beginning (Om Sivoham I think) and Raja got kinda mad. And honestly I agreed with him a bit. Who the heck gets Raja to come halfway across the world and gives him faulty audio equipment?

        So where I currently live, Raja doesn’t have quite enough demand to do a separate Tamil and Telugu show (unlike the Bay Area according to my parents, where they got an exclusive Tamil experience). So some of his Telugu fans got a bit antsy when there were one too many Tamil songs in a row, shouting “Telugu, Telugu”, or something to that effect.

        Naturally, this ended about as well as you’d expect, and culminated in another outburst of strictness from Raja. With his ever sharp tongue, he said something to the effect of “I have paid to come watch you guys sing, I’ll stop and listen to you guys.” I assure you, the legends about him are quite true 🙂

        This was also after the whole royalties issue, so Raja had subbed in Mano for all of SPB’s songs. I had also gone to an SPB show sometime after that issue, where he avoided singing Raja songs. It was a bit sad to see Raja without SPB and vice versa.

        Man, I should get started on that post soon.

    • Madan Says:

      Curious now, where this would be. Is this somewhere in the Midwest or in Canada? I know you’re anon, so I leave it to you to answer or not. Asking because I have an aunt in Chicago and another in Virgina.

      I think Telugu fans have some right to be aggrieved. They have supported his music more unconditionally than Tamil fans who started believing that Raja’s music was uncool in the 90s. You notice that in TN it’s still only Raja’s classics that are well regarded and his contemporary work is given a wide berth.

      I don’t necessarily think this is wrong and it’s the nature of film music to change. But as a music director, what should be your response if your latest Telugu song gets a whopping 6 million views?

      As a Tamilian, I bristle when Tamil Raja fans describe him as someone who has given great songs for Tamilians to enjoy. He has done so much work in Telugu it’s kind of criminal to forget it. But not surprised in the least to know Saar got testy about the complaints.

      Hope you get down to composing the reader’s write. Really looking forward. This is the ideal time to write as the diehard Raja fans who once swooped down on the slightest hint of dissent have stopped visiting the blog. 😛

      • anonymousviolin20 Says:

        Now that’s some food for thought. I can see how they’d feel that way.

        And thanks for the reassurance about the fans. I was reading your Adho Megha Oorvalam piece a few days ago, and boy was that a battle field.

    • Madan Says:

      Ha! That was some thread, wasn’t it? It’s like, total intolerance. I actually didn’t even criticize Raja’s music much in the piece. I simply said the repetitiveness of the films themselves had forced his music into a predictable pattern. Even that got them all riled up. And they can be absolutely snobbish when they express their anger – like you don’t know anything about music types.

  2. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Just went to a Rahman concert here in North America, and my god if Chitra singing Ninnukori Varnam was a fanboy moment for the IR concert, the entire experience at the ARR concert was a fanboy experience (maybe times 10)

    The entire ticket price was justified (and more) by just 2 major performances:

    I didn’t know if anyone else could have the same throw and feel that Shankar Mahadevan brought to Enna Solla Pogirai, but Haricharan absolutely blew me away. Man is definitely one of the best performers I have ever seen. My dad sometimes says that if anyone can get close to SPB, it’s Haricharan, and now I’ve seen it for myself.

    Jonita also absolutely killed it in Rangeela Re. That was probably a defining stage performance for me. The singing + dance + energy was absolutely infectious, and I’m glad that Rahman gives his singers the freedom to improvise and play around a bit with the songs. When done tastefully by singers like her and Haricharan, the results are well worth it.

    Ok, I should probably conclude my fanboy rant at this lol

    • Madan Says:

      Wow that sounds like an incredible experience! Love Haricharan too.

      Did Niti Mohan perform Konjam Nilavu? She was singing that at the Dubai Expo show.

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