Rahi Tha Main Awara (cover)

Song: Rahi Tha Main Awara

Film: Saheb Bahadur

Singer: Kishore Kumar

Music: Madan Mohan

I have fond memories of listening to this song over and over on a Kishore Kumar hits cassette. It was one of maybe five KK compilations we had in original; there must have been some ‘high speed dubbing’ copies too. This one had the best collection of songs out of all of them. It also had Simti Si Sharmaai Si, a lovely Kishore solo from the film Parwana.

It is not clear how either song came to make it to a greatest hits collection. Neither song made it to the Binaca Geetmala top 50 of the year. And while Parwana is at least somewhat well known of a film as it starred Amitabh Bachchan, Saheb Bahadur, a Chetan Anand film starring his brother Dev Anand, sank without a trace.

Maybe Sanjeev Kohli, who was working for HMV then, had something to do with it! Maybe, maybe not, but these two songs weren’t the only less than obvious selections on that compilation. So whoever got to curate that cassette was probably a Kishore connoisseur and did their job lovingly.

This is a very unusual song as you can tell from the twists and turns in the second interlude as well as the second antara. It has a sense of mystery and enigma. Madan Mohan used to call it jazbaat.

I pick up the song about where the first interlude starts. This is the first one where I have used an interface and DAW for recording and used a video editor to combine the recording with video. I am still figuring out post production so it should get better going ahead. But the quality is probably already the best of any of the covers I have uploaded. As for the singing, you be the judge but hang around for the second antara because I thought that came out well in particular.

6 Responses to “Rahi Tha Main Awara (cover)”

  1. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    The quality has indeed come out well (both singing and recording) . Congrats on the upgrade!

    What DAW do you use btw?

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks so much for the validation!

      I use Ableton Live Lite which comes bundled with Focusrite Scarlett Solo (the interface I bought). Using the DAW is painful in its own way, as you’d well know, but once I learn to add delay and reverb, it will be well worth the effort.

      • anonymousviolin20 Says:

        Nice. There’s always a learning curve, but the results are indeed worth it.

        If your keyboard has MIDI capabilities, I think you should get a MIDI cable and try programming your own arrangements for these covers (maybe a stripped down version).

        Personally I use garageband, but maybe one day in the future, when I’ve saved enough, I’d like to upgrade to Logic.

    • Madan Says:

      My keyboard is pretty ancient and doesn’t have MIDI but I can and will explore either connecting the keyboard to the instrument socket via line in or using the sounds and loops offered on ableton. That’s definitely on the agenda. For now, want to just master normal audio recording with karaoke. My friend who is a musician in Bangalore gave me a feedback that the backing track volume was too low and I agree. So I will have to fix that, again, without it triggering clipping.

  2. anonymousviolin20 Says:

    Also, I just realized that you share your name with the composer of this song. That must be a nice feeling.

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