Alice In Chains – Rooster (cover)

Song: Rooster

Band: Alice In Chains

Album: Dirt

OK, fair to say this is my most ambitious cover so far. So…fair warning, there are little hiccups here and there.

The late Layne Staley could sing with amazing distortion high up. For me, high distortion is still a work in progress but I managed a decent amount of it in the low verses.

The placement of the words also gets tricky and it’s very specific. I do better when the meter leaves room to breathe. Oh well, it is what it is.

I love this song as it describes how the valour of a war veteran was completely cast aside and he was mocked as a ‘rooster’ for getting captured. Does that remind you of how a (in)famous politician mocked John McCain? Now consider that this song was written in 1992 and referred to the humiliation the band’s guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s father went through and which Jerry witnessed in his growing up years. So…did said infamous politician simply hold a mirror to the ugly side of America’s soul?

Ponder over that while you listen!

2 Responses to “Alice In Chains – Rooster (cover)”

  1. Yajiv Says:

    An early 90s grunge classic! Not at all an easy feat to attempt a Layne Staley vocal. You gave a great rendition! I had no idea there was such strong political history behind it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Madan Says:

      Thanks a lot Yajiv! Means a lot. It is indeed a tough one to sing. Much work remains before I can claim to have done full justice to it.

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