Taare Ginn take 2

I did Taare Gin pretty close to the release of the music, maybe a week or so after.

I thought of giving it another go.

In the time since my first stab at it, I have graduated to a ‘proper’ mic and a bare-basic mixer as opposed to the little karaoke mic with built in speaker that I was using before. It’s still not remotely like a studio set up because the mixer is connected to good ol’ Logitech speakers, the only PC speakers on the market that have a 3.5 mm pin rather than a USB one. Therefore, the set up is nowhere near perfect. But it’s better than before, I hope.

I picked up the song from the antara this time. Whilst I am able to sing the breathless duet portion (Jabse Hua Hai Yeh…) in, well, one breath, it doesn’t sound comfortable and my experience last time convinced me that not everybody is going to understand why it is difficult so might as well not bother.

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