Long Story “Democracy” available on Amazon Kindle

I have written a long story (coming to over 30 pages) entitled “Democracy” for the Kindle UK contest.  The e-book is available for purchase here:


Also available in paperback form on .com/.co.uk:


You can read a small excerpt here:

After some small talk, he got to the crux. “Ever wondered what Sitara proposes to do with those lions?”

“I thought it was just to protect herself from male tigers in Kanha when she gets old.”

Akbar shook his head. “Nope. Her purpose is two fold.  One, with those two idiots on her side, she comfortably overpowers me.  So I have to stay away.  The other purpose is to sway the multicultural idiots by showing she is open to lions.”

“Why do you say multicultural idiots?” Naveen asked.

“Well, do you think it’s a good idea to just let lions run roughshod all over our territory?”

“But it’s just two lions.”

“Could be ten tomorrow, then twenty and before you know it, it isn’t Tiger Country.”

“Isn’t that alarmist?”

“That’s what tigers told my great-grandfather too.  He too opposed the entry of lions.”


“Well, they didn’t listen to him and lion numbers quickly began to mount.”

He drew closer to Naveen and lowered his voice. “Do you know that even the forests east of Kanha were once tiger territory?”


“Yes! And if you ever wondered why these dense forests were considered lion kingdom and outside Tiger Country, you have your answer.”

“You mean…”

Akbar nodded. “Fierce battle broke out.  It could have destroyed both sides.  Finally, a truce had to be worked out wherein the lines were given this forest adjoining the boundaries of today’s Tiger Country.”

He continued, “But that land was ours.  And God willing, one day it will be again.”

“Why has nobody told me this story?”

“Because they don’t want to.  They don’t want you to hear stories that would make you feel angry and ashamed.”

“But…but that’s so dishonest.”

“It is.”

Naveen wheeled around and confronted Akbar.  “What about you?  Why did you never tell me?”

Akbar was apologetic. “I did err in not putting these facts on the table, I admit.  But it was not out of any malignant intent.  I did not want to disturb the harmony of Tiger Country.  This beautiful, peaceful forest where animals of all sorts thrive.  Why should I rake up a terrible past and spoil the mood, is what I used to think.  But today…with lions in the jungle again, it couldn’t be more different.”

“What can we do to stop this?”  Naveen’s voice was growing urgent.

Akbar looked him in the eye and said gravely.  “We must unify.  We the tigers.  We who have always protected our land must rise to the occasion again.”   ”


Happy reading!  Do drop in with comments.  Bouquets and brickbats and everything else in between are welcome.  And if you liked it, pl do share with others.  Will be most grateful.  Thanks!

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