My cover of Taare Ginn

Song:  Taare Ginn

Film:  Dil Bechara

Music: A R Rahman

For a while, I have been using Facebook as the push device, if you like, for my covers uploaded on YouTube.  I intend to experiment with posting the songs directly as a Facebook video there and also uploading the same on my YouTube channel.  In such a case, my push device for the YouTube videos is going to be this here blog. I will also write a brief note about the difficulties and any other unique aspects of the song.  It is meant as a note to self for future reference but if it proves useful for anyone trying to sing the same song,  that’s a welcome bonus.


The major challenge in this song is the duet portion in the mukda really IS a duet.  Shreya Ghoshal and Mohit Chauhan trade fast and breathless portions in a kind of call-and-response.  So to sing solo means you quickly run out of breath.

The solution: Use tons and tons of breath support.  You probably can’t tell from the video but I have pushed the abdomen all the way down.  When you have inhaled breath without letting your abdomen blow up into a balloon, it pushes the air up to your rib cage and creates a kind of cushion for your voice to rest on.  That makes hitting high notes in particular much easier.  It also helps in singing phrases like these.

If you CAN’T sing it solo, don’t sweat it.  It’s tough and in my attempt too, it is a compromised affair.  One solution others covering the song solo have come up with is to simply record the parts separately and paste them together.  As a rule, I don’t do that.  My cover is not a studio-assisted version of what I can do but what I can do if asked to sing it live on a stage in one take.

Other salient aspects:

  1. I used very soft, light pronunciation as the song is very jazz and very legato. I didn’t consciously choose it; rather, that is what suited the cadence of the song.
  2. For the high note on Ya Iraada Hai, I would back off a little from the mic if I did it again.  As it stands, it is a tad overpowering.
  3. Except one or two phrases in the antara, especially the “Isme Hai Jo Taira/Wohi To Duba Hai” I wasn’t influenced so much by Mohit.  I am not able to say what precisely influenced my choices other than that it seems to be a composite of the jazz singing I have heard over the years.  I felt both singers used a slightly higher larynx position than I did.  Shreya has a naturally bright voice while Mohit slots his somewhat in the nasal cavity.  I didn’t go for a full Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole yawn as it would be too dark sounding for this song.  I kept the tone light but opened the throat more.

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