Modi bhakts v/s Kejri fans: The battle of “I Told You So”

The nation is in thrall of not one but two charismatic political leaders – Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal.  While Aam Aadmi Party did not do well at all in the Lok Sabha polls of last year, surveys suggested people had a more favourable opinion on Kejriwal’s candidature for the post of Prime Minister.

When AAP lost and BJP secured a majority all of its own, it was the former’s fans who were most vocal in telling people that BJP would be no different from Congress and that time would prove that the public made a huge mistake in giving BJP such an emphatic mandate.  The columnist G Sampath, whose articles I usually enjoy, wrote a ponderous piece claiming the voters had voted like consumers demanding growth rather than on the grounds of national concern and were too harsh in punishing Kejriwal for his inexperience.

As days turned into months, AAP fans had the opportunity to say “I Told You So” to Modi bhakts (as his acolytes, online or otherwise, are often referred to) in a tone of thinly veiled smugness.  Evidently, the prospect of a disappointing few years of misgovernance was of less concern as that of being proved right.  So much then for national interest.  Be that as it may, as the Hindu right wing organisations fuelled disruptions in Parliament and development remained in the embryonic phase, if that, said chorus only grew louder.  BJP was just another Congress in saffron clothing and the Modi bhakts had been too gullible in falling for his PR machinery, so the rant went.

In the meantime, Kejriwal cleaned up his act and apologised to the Delhi public for squandering the opportunity granted him in the 2013 assembly polls and pleaded with them to give him another chance.  The ostensible sincerity of purpose projected by him as well as BJP poll strategist Amit Shah’s blunder in backing Kiran Bedi as a Chief Ministerial candidate aided a landslide win for AAP in the re-elections this year.  Congress was completely wiped out and BJP had but a band of three musketeers to show for their efforts.  AAP had been given about as emphatic a mandate as they could have hoped for.

And what did they do within days of coming to power but to waive off the requirement of an NOC from the Pollution Control Board for Small Scale Industries!  Whether or not they would be willing to concede as much, this is a move that would have stunned even the most diehard Kejri fans.  They had even sought to strenuously defend his populist electricity and water subsidies, claiming (in full earnest, please note) that the results of the audit of distribution companies would indeed make this possible!  However, what exactly would justify aggravating air pollution in one of the most polluted cities in the world must surely  elude at least known dimensions of reason and logic.  It is now the turn of Modi bhakts to say “I told you so” and gloat over the prospect of what Delhi is going to have endure for the next few years.  Nevermind, again, that it is a seat of political power and an economic powerhouse.  That is, what ails Delhi would surely also infect India pretty soon.  Ah, but the need to watch smug Kejri fans eat humble pie once again precedes self same much abused national interest.

As all this ensued, Modi had a chai-pe-charcha with Kejriwal.  One can only hope that the two leaders would co-operate and act reasonably to negotiate the difficult passage up ahead….in the interest of the nation.

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