Random scribblings…

First, a few words of comfort for ‘stunned’ and ‘shocked’ Team India fans….first of all, don’t be…it’s fucking Australia, they haven’t lost a home rubber since roughly 1992 or so which was to Richie Richardson’s mighty Windies. Secondly, you would do well to recall that in the 2001 rubber, it was the bowlers who resisted the Aussie charge in the opener in Mumbai and the batsmen who capitulated twice. We won later in Chennai and Kolkata because both bat and ball fired in unison. Even the test match win in Adelaide depended as much on Kumble and Agarkar’s performances as Dravid’s and VVS’s. Thirdly, just check out their domestic circuit matches and then our Ranji matches to get a reality check. For us, playing wonderfully is a celebratory event, for them, it’s business. When we do overcome them, it’s a miracle, mate and miracles don’t happen all the time.

Hmm…. there’s not much to say about Madame Bhutto’s assassination, except that by and large, the coverage of her whole campaign to return to power and then the ultimate untimely death by our English TV media, particularly NDTV, has been rather disappointing. She may have been chanting the Indi-Paki bhai-hai mantra in interviews this year, but back in the 90s, when she was in power, I distinctly remember she was looked upon as the enemy, the hardliner, the threat. More measures to break the ice have been undertaken in the General’s regime (though he has arguably done much more to fight proxy ‘jehadi’ war in Kashmir…in fact India??) than in her time. Don’t people get it, she was just playing to the gallery, as any consummate politician would….much like Metallica want to go back to their roots. Why??? Not because they finally heard their fans, but because United Abominations, A Matter of Life And Death, Enter the Grave all these albums have sold well, it’s cool to be heavy metal again..and St Anger isn’t exactly what gives Korn sleepless nights anyway!!! Has our media become so base, so opportunistic, so vulture-like that anybody in power who is assassinated automatically becomes a martyr – the Kurt Cobain syndrome, eh?? A word for Dr.Roy, as Prannoy Roy sometimes calls himself: your channel, right or wrong, is perceived as pro-Pak in a country of Indians….and now, you are seemingly proving all those believed so to be right. Of course, good ol’ journalism comes first, but um…do take care of the TRPs…we can’t afford the risk of “Sansani” sweeping the English TV media in NDTV’s hypothetical absence.

The other day, I read an ad in the newspaper for a grand do at Sahara Star, Vile Parle. Apparently, Mika Singh, Tanushree Dutta (or is it Datta) and Shakeel are coming over. One look at the price of the passes made my mouth open wider than I would have laughing over Shakeel’s jokes. Fucking 11500?? And I thought the threat of 7500 passes for Scorpions was insane??? Seriously, how much more overpriced can you get, guys?? And then I read between the lines: it is possible that all the ads for international rock gigs and their subsequent coverage in newspapers didn’t escape the attention of those outside the rock circuit. And possibly, looking at the thrilled faces of satisfied rock fans after a gig, they feel left out, envious even??? So here it is…event organisers, sensing the existence of such a market for so-called ‘rock shows’ organise a New Year’s Eve ‘rawk show’ for this market, except of course, Shakeel has to play Ozzy, Mika has to play umm…Hetfield, perhaps?? and Tanushree is going to be Shakira or Beyonce…because this new “I wanna rawk” crowd will find the real deal “too hot to handle” to quote UFO. To compensate for this slight problem is the price…they are paying much more, much much more than the average rock fan can afford for an evening’s noise…if it’s costlier, it got to be better right?? What of course is lost on them is that we get a kick out of the music, the sheer spectacle and not the money..if anything, a high ticket price is a deterrent!! 😛

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