Yeh k k k kya kar diya aapne Farah ji???

So, the word is that King Kong,oops, Khan has roasted the two newcomers from the rival camp (as if they had any chance against the SRK hype machine anyway) and Om Shanti Om looks all set to be a blockbuster (and one of the few of this not-so-great year so far for Bollywood). I haven’t seen Mr.Bhansali, the arty commercial director’s magnum opus-not-quite, but, to my good fortune (or misfortune), I got to catch OSO and I sure do have a lot to say about it, and lot of it not too complimentary either.

Ok, what did I like about the film? I thought the cinematography was mighty impressive, particularly the fact that in the first half, the 70s feel was introduced even in the lighting…a rare eye for detail that I don’t generally expect from Indian commercial cinema. The parody of Bollywood by Bollywood itself was very funny (though I will delve on said parody again later). There were touches of a promise that the film could go deeper into the underbelly of Bollywood, particularly in the scene where the actress tells the junior artiste that the best part of shooting for her is “pack-up”. Deliciously cynical!!! What was however more impressive for me was that SRK is seemingly able to get the whole of Bollywood (except the other K, Aamir Khan, oh did somebody say Sallu??) to dance in one seemingly endless party song for him….Shabana Azmi, Vidya Balan, Aftab Shivdasani, Govinda, you name it, they were all there for that one song. What is it, his goodwill in the film world as such, or that he knows how to talk the language of money better, I don’t know, but the output is an impressive feather in his cap, yessir.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Farah and SRK are not quite cynical enough to believe that making a cynical film about the cynical film industry with a cynical spattering of age-old Bollywood cliches will be lapped up by the not-so-cynical audience. All the cynical potshots at what Bollywood is all about, of which mind Farah ji is very much a part, is enjoyable and all but you can’t make a film on that.

Or, you actually can, if you have a linear, gripping storyline and some crisp direction. When you are randomly weaving together oh-so-filmi-oh-so-funny moments for 2 hours, then you need to give some largesse to the audience for the next half hour so that they don’t whine about money gone down the multiplex drain when they exit. Thankfully, Farah & Co do realise this need and so the film must culminate in a grand filmi finale.

But wait, like Mukesh Mehra’s dilemma in the film, who is going to write it? Remember,this is the new “Chak De” India – everything, from Indian cricket to Hindi cinema, got to be spectacular, we can’t spare no expenses no more,right?? Unfortunately, the well of creativity, atleast for this film’s ensemble, seems to have dried up long ago. So!!! Farah madam got an ingenious idea…why not “uthao” a scene from a good film that was made a good 50 years ago…aakhir people who were old enough to remember that film may not even come to watch OSO…agar aaye aur pata chala, people will say, buddhe logon ko aur koi kaam nahi, wahi puraani baaton me dube huye hein. But what their cynicism cynically prevented them from foreseeing is the existence of connoisseurs even for so cynical an affair as Bollywood. Yessir, I wasn’t born when the Dilip Kumar – Vyjayanthimala starrer Madhumati was made, but out of my own interest in great cinema, I happened to watch the film. And mon ami, the climax of Om Shanti Om is – as we say in Bombay – a chaapa of Madhumati.

I am sorry, madam, but asking me to buy this also as a tribute-shibute of Hindi films is a bit too much. Every little detail, right down to Sandhya arriving late for the climax and missing the magic-wagic, is copied from that landmark film. Now, I know ki many Hindi films are copied from Hollywood and maybe Madhumati was too, but apne hi ghar me chori karna…na re na. It does appear that the pre-release buzz about Karz being the inspiration for this film was the proverbial red herring to divert focus from the asli kahani.

And, either the red herring worked fabulously or movie critics are more cynical than I had bargained for…because I have scanned reviews in the papers, on the net, but nahi, Madhumati yeh shabd nazar nahi aayi . Ironically, reviews on the film Sawaariya have faithfully noted that it is ‘inspired’ by some Engleech peekchar. So, it boils down to the SRK effect, eh?? Even professional critics will bend over to serve the King of Bollywood and allow him to get away with anything – even being the co-architect of a cynical attempt to pass off plainly incompetent scriptwriting as great masala cinema. I won’t stand in the king’s way, no sir, but I have but a little wish….it would be so delightful if Farah madam or Shah Rukh sir read this and it had on their minds the same effect that Sandhya’s mysterious appearances have on Mukesh Mehra in the film….somebody was there to see through your bery bery clever trick…I rest my case here, fully expecting this film to succeed hugely, maintaining the status-quo of literary incompetence and artful deception that is Bollywood..salaam Bollywood, ha!!!!

Edit:  Well, the post-release publicity is still very much in full swing and Farah Madam has now given an interview to When asked how much 70s and 80s cinema influenced her, she said and I quote verbatim, ” I’m not at all inspired by the 80s because that was the worst era in the history of cinema – – the worst movies were made during that time.” Oh really!!! What is so undistinguished about Shekar Kapur’s Masoom and Mr.India or Govind Nihalani’s Ardhsatya, or maybe you decided you won’t be able to make movies like them and so won’t be influenced by the 80s…lol!!! Let the show go on!!! *sigh*

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  1. Aditya Says:

    i really appreiciate your eye for detailing and the fact and more importantly the Madhumati inspiration is quite a revelation



  2. rothrocks Says:

    Thks a lot pal for reading and giving your views too.


  3. dika di papua Says:


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